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Oikosteges 1 (OS1) and Oikosteges 8 (OS8) are patented roof and wall greening approaches designed and developed for the extreme conditions found in the Mediterranean. The designs were developed to thrive in extremes of climate, to be safe for use in earthquake zones, while retaining all the benefits derived from urban greening (roofs and walls) such as reducing energy needs for summer cooling and winter heating. The Oikosteges roof and wall greening methods and approaches are a result of over a decade of research in the challenging region of the Eastern Mediterranean. The approaches incorporate the findings of a multi-disciplinary team of activists, enthusiasts and scientists. Oikosteges are the only specially designed and developed roof and wall greening systems for the Mediterranean. Oikosteges provide the following benefits to the building where they are installed and to the surrounding area. : 
Designed- developed specifically for earthquake prone Mediterranean roofs, terraces and walls – lightweight, portable, modular, waterproof.
Designed - developed specifically for extreme climatic conditions found on Mediterranean roofs, terraces and walls - 6 month + droughts, high solar intensity and exposure, ice, snow, torrential monsoon-like downpours, hot and cold gale force winds.
Self-developing – Self-Sustaining – No requirement for further, on-going inputs – little or no irrigation requirement, no requirement for pruning nor mowing. No use of chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no herbicides.